Sara ENViMOB srl‘s mission consists in the creation of knowledge-intensive systems and solutions for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and natural heritage that can mitigate and manage the anthropic impact and promote sustainable processes of development and human mobility.

Sara EnviMob srl offers services and solutions for nature and human mobility (SSNT); therefore our vision is to face the great social challenges of our times, such as the increase in urbanization, economic inequalities and climate change, transforming them into concrete actions, new and growing opportunities to support sustainable development for territories and people .

The entrepreneurial team, represented by interdisciplinary professionals, with forty years of experience acquired thanks to university research allowed by funding obtained – inter alia – from the European community since FP1 and international cooperation, intends to enhance and implement the results of various European projects such as the development of an algorithm prototype as an advanced system for decision support and rapid analysis of food quality (eg SECOA, OTASENS).


Analysis/Monitoring and Evaluation of Environmental impact

(a) Internet of Things; (b) natural resources management, spatial and landscape planning; (c) bioinformatics & bioremediation; (d) new raw materials for green infrastructures; (e) green roof and walls certification.

Spatial planning and design

(a) Spatial and landscape planning, smart cities, smart beach, smart building; (b) ecotourism, coastal tourism, urban tourism, international retirement migration ; (c) consulting and certification.

Environmental footprint and products policies

(a) Farming Kit 4.0; (b) Natural products labelling and license fees; (c) Forest and carbon certification; (d) LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) di prodotto e servizio; (e) Energy efficiency and low carbon strategies for cities, green public procurement.

Dissemination, Training & Innovation

(a) Continuous Learning; (b) Teaching; (c) Science dissemination; (d) Training.

Bionformatic-based solutions

(a) Rapid diagnosis of plant pests & diseases; (b) Monitoring of environmental microbes; (c) Support for the “plant passport” in the import / export process.