• offer solutions in which circular economy models can also be achieved with re-naturalization processes with nature-based solutions (NBS) and develop NBS models and strategies that can be re-proposed on a national scale
  • offer services to private companies for the smart conversion of their activities also through the creation and management of vertical and horizontal business networks
  • collaborate with public administrations for the analysis of highly urbanized areas (urban areas and coastal areas) and propose “smart” solutions for the restructuring of territories

  • offer customized solutions for the diagnosis of plant diseases and for environmental and agronomic genomic and metagenomic analysis
  • collaborate with public administrations for the analysis of non-urbanized areas, but of high naturalistic value (protected areas or areas to be protected), for the development of “smart” activities in the ecotourism, recreation and leisure sectors that are with a high level of sustainability
  • develop “smart” methods for the implementation of projects that involve the transition from linear economy models (MEL) to circular economy models (MEC)
  • identify solutions and products that can respond to the demand of individual citizens and private companies to make their homes and businesses smart – from an environmental point of view