Human mobility, migration, tourism and the environment

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Sustainable development

SARA ENViMOB Tourism Area has developed, together with the main stakeholders in the sector, projects for the sustainable development of the coastal areas of Lazio in relation to the presence of leisure and productive activities flow.


Considering the consequences that the containment measures of Covid-19 have had on the daily lives of those who live in urban areas, together with the working groups of the Environment and Training Areas, has made HYDROPYRA, which uses hydroponic technology. The product is aimed at the domestic production of vegetables and salads, psychotherapeutic activities and training in the field of environmental protection. The HYDROPYRA name and logo are pending.

Our results

  • Castellano, M., Montanari, A. (2020). Latium Region. A new Tourism for the Litorale Nord area. A Guide to promote the transfer of knowledge, Sapienza Università Editrice, Roma. (PDF open access)

Tourism group

Armando Montanari – Area leader
He has held posts of professor of tourism geographies and human mobility and President at the Sapienza University of Rome, School of Tourism, before contributing to the establishment of SARA ENViMOB and becoming its vice-president. He has coordinated numerous European research projects in the field of human mobility and the environment. He has been the author of about three hundred scientific articles and volumes in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Barbara Staniscia – Economist and Geographer, Local and Community Development Expert
Has a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Master’s in Local Development and a PhD in Economic Geography. She is the Scientific Secretary of the IGU Commission on Global Change and Human Mobility, and she teaches Tourism Geography at Sapienza University of Rome. Her research focuses on urban dynamics and local development, the spatial effects of EU policies, rural development and the geography of taste, environmental conflicts, tourism, and migration.


Alessandro Londei


Fernando Martinez